♔King♥Queen♛: Ichihime wins and Ichiruki fails



I thought of something while cooking breakfast this morning and its fucking FOOL PROOF hence if you deny it, you are a fool ^_^

So the ichirukis like to say “The rain drags the sun down and is dried by the white moon.”
Lets use a little physics here shall we?

OMG! This can’t be true. Is it even possible to be that idiotic? orihime-strawberry-love’s stupidity level is creepily unbelievable. Either that or this person is trying to get everyone with common sense mad.
Like seriously…that poem was not written by IR fans but from Kubo himself to begin with. If I’m not wrong, the original is in english so there’s not even the possibility of translation mistakes. Since Kubo put it that way, why bother trying to downplay it? Seriously, it makes no sense.
Besides, if you expect not to have fiction in anime and manga, you’re in the wrong place.
I’m still waiting for an IH argument that doesn’t look butt-hurt and pathetic.

Ichihime is one sided. Ichiruki is zero sided. One is better than zero. One is greater than zero. there is no romance between Ichigo and Rukia and even kubo said that Ichigo and Rukia are “more than friends but less than lovers.” At least Ichigo and Orihime have romance and if you say its one sided what about his return from death at the sound of her voice calling for him and what about how when she called out to him during his fight with Grimmjow and he was getting his ass kicked he was able to stop Grimmjow with just one hand and was able to defeat Grimmjow. Also when he said he would take his friends home he said “I will take Rukia, Uruyu, Chad, and Renji! I will take Orihime and bring them safely home!!” He spoke of Orihime alone. He also knew she would never betray the Soul Society when they named her a traitor for going to Hueco Mundo.

Renji loves Rukia.

Orihime loves Ichigo.

Kubo (despite the fact that he has hurt some people in the anime before) would not Orihime and Renji that way. It would make him look bad. It would make him look like a total ass hole. Just because Orihime doesnt fight doesnt mean she is less worthy for Ichigo. The hero always gets his princess and the sun and the rain ALWAYS make a rainbow. despite the poem… it was just a poem. it was not cannon. you Ichirukis turn to poems and things outside the anime and manga…while we Ichihime’s turn to the actual show/manga.

Butt-hurt and pathetic? Sounds like the Ichiruki’s to me. At least WE dont hate on Rukia whilst you pathetic losers hate on Orihime.

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