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Right now all i can provide is a picture of the busted window that i mentioned in the previous post..

Its not proof she is having sex with a minor, no, but it is proof there is some truth to my story.

And this is the beginning.

I’ll get as much proof as i can but the majority of it will have to wait until at LEAST Friday because that is when my brother hangs out over there and when i have an “excuse” to go over there.

If you people will be patient and wait, ill do my best.

And for those who dont believe me, for the most part, i can 100% understand considering how much people lie about stuff like this on this site.

It does bother me you dont believe, ill be honest, because child molestation and statutory rape hit a sore spot with me and anyone who knows me well knows im not the type of person to just make it up for “teh notes” like some people *cough cough* actingdelusionaleigh *cough cough*.

The only difference is my story is true and few believe me while her story is false (and proven to be) and many people still believe and support her.


Anonymous asked:

and it has NOTHING to do with the fact she's a woman thanks. I'm just sickened by the fact that you clearly know NOTHING about pedophiles and as someone who has BEEN ABUSED it's annoying to me that you'd think anyone in a relationship with someone younger is a pedo! it happens sometimes SOMETIMES people fall for someone younger than them. pedophiles tend to lose interest when the child gets older, they don't COMMIT to their victim and stay with them once they're nolonger child like.

You think I havent been hurt? Abused? My own father was a pedophile that should speak for itself, you reject.

You literally ARE defending her, anon, saying what she did is not illegal, when it IS and it IS very wrong, but people only see it hen the perpetrator is male and the minor is female.


Anonymous asked:

It's very suspicious that you have 0 proof of what you're claiming, the only thing you've posted that isn't just your words is someone's facebook account and picture. For all anyone knows you could be somebody out to ruin someone's life by calling them a pedophile! My stalker's done that to me in the past and it got me raped!

You think that i could ruin a WOMAN’S life so easily?

That kind of stuff works on ruining a man’s life, but something like that would never ruin a woman’s life if it wasn’t true, and considering it is true, it still might not “ruin her life” because here is the issue. No one cares that she statutorily raped that boy.

You know why? Because she is a WOMAN and no one will even call it rape.

Why are people defending a sex offender? Because she is a woman?

There are literally people trying to discredit the whole thing by saying she is not a pedophile when she IS, whether you like it or not, doing something 1000% illegal. She had sex with a minor. She had a child with a minor. While he was a minor. and he still is. And she is in her thirties. LATE thirties.

Reverse the genders and no one would be saying “Hes not technically a pedophile”



I am living next door to a pedophile. They are currently in a relationship with a minor that has barely turned seventeen. They have been “together” since said minor was fifteen and they have a year and a half baby together. The pedophile is either in their late thirties or early fourties.

Why has nothing been done about this yet, you ask? Surly the childs mother would have called the cops? Well, she has. But they refused to do anything and do you know why?

The minor is male and the pedophile is female. Yes, this is very much true. Does everyone remember the teacher who had a relationship with his student? It made national news. I had met this man once before this happened. Why was he broadcasted and stopped while this pedophile next door isnt?

Her name is Brianna Williams. This is her facebook. The boy goes by “Bubba”.

Besides the fact that this woman is a pedophile, that baby is exposed to drugs every day. They smoke weed around it. And yesterday, someone smashed in their window trying to fight the pedophile mother.  There are always people going there to fight.

I need this to be news. This is important. We cant allow female pedophiles to roam free, preying on young children and teenagers. Im worried about my own brother, who is eleven and likes to go there to play with some of the older kids that live there, who are also in danger of this woman.

Pedophilia is wrong no matter what gender is abusing the other. Please spread the word and maybe, just maybe, we can stop this woman.

If only there was a group of people that society could call upon in times like these…..people who had the training and equipment to deal with crimes…who had a special phone number to summon their aid…

I guess its pretty obvious you read the first paragraph and stopped because in the very second paragraph i stated that the police HAVE been called but the refused to do ANYTHING!


Anonymous asked:

(cont) I sadly don't have any proof but I can assure you that he's a legit sicko. Yeah I've reported him but since he's not in America it's not easy to catch him. Maybe you can pass this info along to maybe speed up the process.

I will. if its true, justice will be served. this i believe


Goddammit someone on the internet is wrong!

I’m turning away instead of feeding that troll. Wrote the whole disgusted response, then realized that it would add a note to the count. So, no.

But “please help me” with… is that her stupid face? Help her what, make her neighbors miserable? Spread her hate?

the only reason you think im lying is because the pedo is female and im not a feminist.

Guess what, that doesnt make what i said any less true, you reject.

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